Parenting Coordination Process

As children grow older, their needs change and the Court Orders may need to be tweaked to accommodate those needs.  As a Parenting Coordinator, Ruth can help both parents implement the Court Orders without the need to return to Court.  Sometimes, each parent has a different interpretation of the Court Orders, in which case Ruth can help you both reach an agreement on the meaning of the Order without the need to return to Court.

Parenting Coordination is a process which helps separated parents:

  • Implement Court Orders
  • Smooth out any wrinkles or uncertainties with the Court Orders
  • Resolve conflict
  • Improve communication skills
  • Acquire skills and strategies to manage conflict and any future conflicts

without the need to return to Court.

Once you have your Court Orders, each parent books an intake session with Ruth.  This is one on one session via telephone or Zoom/Teams and may take up to 90 minutes.  This is an opportunity for you and Ruth to have a confidential chat about the history of your relationship before and after separation, what’s been happening in the recent past, where you are now, and your goals and dreams for the future.

Please note, the intake is the only confidential aspect of the Parenting Coordination process.

Once intake has been completed, the Parenting Coordination agreement will be signed by all parties.  From that point on, the process is no longer confidential, and all conversations and communications are fully reportable.  If necessary, Ruth can also meet with others involved in the lives of your children, including doctors, teachers, grandparents, carers and new partners to help both parents reduce conflict for the benefit of your children.

 Court Orders vary as to the duration of the Parenting Coordination process.  It is generally a two-year appointment with monthly sessions, or as needed.  The meeting will be one on one or joint depending on your needs, any risk and safety concerns, and issues to be discussed generally.  Each meeting will be one – two hours duration.  If necessary, email communication will be monitored by Ruth and assistance and support offered to improve communication moving forwards.  Timing, duration, and dates of future meetings will be agreed at the first meeting.

In the event the Parenting Coordination process reaches a serious impasse or one or both parties decide to disengage, the matter may return to Court in which case Ruth may be required to provide a report to the Court or be subpoenaed to give evidence regarding the conduct of, and comments made, by the parties during the Parenting Coordination process.  However, if either parent feels that they need to disengage for any reason, Ruth will work one on one to help resolve any concerns and frustrations to avoid the need to return to Court.


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