Mediation preparation and support

Our mediation preparation and support service starts with a one on one intake session via telephone or Zoom/Teams.  The intake session will take up to 45 minutes.  This is an opportunity for you and Ruth to have a confidential chat about the history of your relationship before and after separation, what’s been happening in the past, where you are now, your goals and dreams for the future, and identify any emotional trigger points your ex might use at the mediation.

From there, we find a mutually convenient time for a 90 minute mediation preparation and support session where Ruth will work with you to prepare your opening statement, sort out your agenda items and prioritise them, and come up with different options and reality test them.  Ruth will then walk you through the mediation process, including what to expect and what to bring on the day.  Ruth can also help you anticipate what your ex might say, and how to best respond. 

If Ruth works with you with mediation preparation, she can’t act as the mediator, parenting coordinator, or collaborative coach at a later date.