Collaborative Coach

The collaborative coach process with Ruth starts with a one on one intake session via telephone or Zoom/Teams with each party.  This is an opportunity for each party to have a confidential chat with Ruth about the history of your relationship before and after separation, what’s been happening in the past, where you are now, your goals and dreams for the future, and identify any emotional trigger points your ex might use during the process.  Ruth will also let you know more about the role of the Coach and the importance of your opening statement in the process.  You are welcome to have your lawyer present, but it is not necessary for the intake.

From there, the Coach may arrange a three-way meeting with only your lawyers present to discuss whether other professionals should be engaged throughout the process and prepare for the first five-way meeting.  The Coach will then set up a five-way meeting where both parties, their lawyers and the Coach will start the process.  Before the five-way meeting, Ruth will invite the parties to forward their opening statements for review, and may make some suggestions to assist you.  The first five-way meeting will usually last two hours.

At the first five-way meeting, everyone will sign the Collaborative process agreement and then each party will give an opening statement.  From there, we work together to establish the goals for the process, which will include hopes, dreams, needs and wants of both parties.


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